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Systemic Solutions for Pandemic Problems

Featuring the 27 grassroots partners of the Mass Redistribution Fund

Support Community-led Solutions Today:


Social movements have been demanding solutions to the pandemic for generations. 


Long before COVID-19 devastated our communities — cutting off family incomes; leaving people unable to feed their children or provide for their sick and elderly; forcing many out of their homes — social movements have fought for systems that would have prevented such devastation.


From universal healthcare and Housing for All to employment with dignity, food justice, prison abolition, Indigenous sovereignty, Black liberation and migrant justice, social movement solutions would have prepared us to meet the pandemic and prevent its devastating impacts.


These are the solutions we need. These are the solutions our 27 Grassroots Partners have been fighting for and building towards.  Read the stories


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Click the image above to view the 2020 Storybook

Our Moment in History

There is no doubt that the year 2020 will shift the contours of this nation’s identity for generations to come. The shape of the future depends, in part, on how we tell the many stories of this year. Charlene Carruthers, Black feminist author and organizer, and co-founder of Black Youth Project 100, spoke to these stakes in a Juneteenth webinar when she said, “Incomplete stories lead to incomplete solutions.”


And while it would be impossible to tell a complete story of the impact of Covid-19 and how we responded across our state, this 2020 Storybook is one offering towards a more truth-full and complex telling. At the front lines of the pandemic, communities have been taking care of each other and building a future in which we have the resources and systems to meet our communities’ needs, during and after times of crisis.

Our Invitation

There is a truth that speaks loud from the stories that follow: 

Communities know best what they need to heal and be well. 


As you read these stories, we invite you to support not only the urgent relief work of these community organizations, but also the broader political visions being advanced by the folks leading this work, so many of whom are Black and Brown women, Indigenous women, and women of color. We invite you to consider: 


What is at stake- for me, for the people I Iove, for the values I hold, and for future generations- in making these visions real?


As you read, we invite you to carry forward the joy and the rage; the bravery to see and speak truth, and the generosity to give what you’re able — dollars, time, relationships, and spirit — to strengthen the work to meet communities’y needs, transform systems and build a better future for us all. 


This winter, become a monthly donor to sustain the movement!

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Will you continue to build this movement with us? 


Because of folks like you, the Mass Redistribution Fund has fundraised and redistributed over $738,000 to community-led COVID relief efforts in historically marginalized communities since our founding this May. Thank you for supporting the grassroots and for believing in a world where our communities are safe, prepared and resourced to meet future crises!


COVID-19 is not over, and our grassroots partners are continuing the fight for a just recovery!  Will you pledge to sustain our grassroots movements?


By becoming a monthly donor or contributing to several of our grassroots partners, you will be helping to create the healthy, thriving communities we need. Help us re-imagine and build our collective future together!


Take the #MRFWinterChallenge pledge here

Yes! How Do I Donate?

Wonderful, thank you! 

Click on any of the images to the right and scroll to the organizational profiles to find the donation button! The MRF 2020 Storybook includes direct links to each of the donation pages of our 27 Grassroots Partners.

Made a Commitment?

Let us know!

To track our collective impact and to thank you for supporting our MRF grassroots partners directly, please let us know which groups you donated to by filling out our #MRFWinterChallenge pledge.

Let's amplify your impact! Let your friends and family know about your support and our amazing Grassroots Partners by using our social media templates below.

And check out the #MRFWinterChallenge prizes -- you may be eligible!

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#MRFWinterChallenge Prizes

We invite you to give what you can.

Any amount -- $5, $50 or $500 -- is valuable.

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Level 1: Grassroots Contributor 


  1. ​​Become a sustaining donor at 1 MRF grassroots partner; and/or​

  2. ​​Move money to 3 MRF grassroots partners 


As a thank you, we will list you as a Grassroots Contributor on our website.

Level 2: Grassroots Sustainer

  1. Become a sustaining donor at 3 MRF grassroots partners; and/or 
  2. Move money to 6 MRF grassroots partners

As a thank you, we'll list you on our website & you will receive a small special gift from us!

Level 3: Grassroots Champion

  1. Become a sustaining donor at 5 MRF grassroots partners; and/or​

  2. Move money to 9 MRF grassroots partners


As a thank you, you will receive the gifts from levels 1 and 2 PLUS a limited edition print copy of the MRF 2020 Storybook commemorating the incredible work of our Grassroots Partners.


  Amplify Your Impact  

 Social Media Toolkit 

Check out @MassFund 's 2020 Storybook & join me by supporting the resilience & resistance of MA's incredible community-led groups!

I'm so moved by the 27 stories of love & struggle in @Massfund 's 2020 Storybook! Check out the amazing work of these community-led groups.

I just took the #MRFWinterChallenge and committed to supporting grassroots organizing through this current crisis and beyond. Join me! 

Looking for holiday inspiration? Take the #MRFWinterChallenge by making year end gifts to sustain MA grassroots power building! 


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