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Funding Criteria Summary

The Mass Redistribution Fund seeks donations from the financially secure, including commitments of federal stimulus payments and grants from aligned foundations. As we receive donations, pledges and grants, the Fund’s Advisory Board will disburse funds according to a transparent set of criteria, shared below.  This page will be updated as necessary by the Advisory Board, as funding needs and conditions change.

Recipient Criteria

Last updated April 13, 2020

The Mass Redistribution Fund will disburse all monies received to grassroots organizations -- or emergency funds hosted by grassroots organizations -- that are based in Massachusetts and working to achieve a just and sustainable recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. This involves building the environmental and social resilience that will allow historically marginalized communities to withstand future crises, and crossing traditional boundaries to grow networks of solidarity that can achieve systemic transformation.


Recipients are engaged in one or more of the following activities:

1. COVID-19 relief efforts set up to meet immediate survival needs, including by providing direct financial aid, of residents ineligible for or unable to access government aid and unemployment benefits, or who may be structurally barred from taking necessary public health measures, including but not limited to:


     a. Low-income people without internet at home or banking access

     b. Low-income non-English speakers

     c. Undocumented people

     d. Incarcerated people


2. COVID-19 relief efforts set up to meet immediate survival needs, including by providing direct financial aid, of residents of low-wealth communities or historically marginalized communities who face disproportionate burdens from this pandemic and immediate financial challenges that threaten their personal, household or community economic security.

3. Groups leading advocacy for progressive policies providing immediate relief from effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, with leadership from a directly-affected racially, culturally or economically marginalized grassroots constituency.

Process for Adding Recipients
  1. Advisory Board members accept direct requests from potential recipients and/or nominate groups or funds that fit the Recipient Criteria.

  2. Nominations are reviewed during weekly Board calls. Nominators explain how the group or fund fits the Recipient Criteria and Board members have the opportunity to raise any concerns.

  3. If no blocking concerns are raised, the group or fund will be added to the recipient list.

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