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Tuesday, June 16, 2020
#MassRedistribution Fund Recipient Groups are Leading Relief Efforts in the Hardest Hit Cities and Counties across the State

The COVID crisis has disproportionately impacted historically marginalized communities across the country, and Massachusetts is no exception.

Looking at the COVID case count released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we mapped the areas outside of Boston where our recipient groups are working hard to provide food and groceries, financial support, linguistic- and culturally-relevant information, and other forms of critical relief.  As you can see below, our grassroots recipients are working in almost all of the cities and counties with the highest concentration of cases across Massachusetts.

We welcome the summer sunshine as we continue our work to support the families, workers and communities impacted by the COVID crisis and economic downturn.  Check out the map of recipients below, and join us by donating to resource this amazing network of essential grassroots relief efforts across Massachusetts.

Friday, June 12, 2020
#MassRedistribution Fund Redistributes Second Round of Donations to 27 Crisis Relief Efforts Across the State

Boston, MA - The Mass Redistribution Fund (MRF), a Massachusetts-wide COVID-19 emergency fundraiser launched in early April by a dozen grassroots leaders, is distributing its second round of grants today, redirecting a second disbursement of $260,000+ in donations from over 900 individuals donors and foundations to critical relief efforts across the state.

“The power of the Mass Redistribution Fund is that we’re a strategically organized response to allocate funding to groups that are chartering the future survival of our community by transforming money into immediate aid and political power,” said Monique Nguyen, MRF advisory board member and Executive Director of Matahari Womens Worker Center.

#MassRedistribution Fund Advisory Board Approves
7 New Recipients from Across the State

The advisory board voted to approve seven additional groups organizing and providing relief to African, Asian and Latinx immigrant communities from across the state, as well as working to release political prisoners. These seven groups will be included in the Mass Redistribution Fund's second disbursement this Friday, June 12th.

We welcome the following groups, with gratitude for their ongoing work supporting and fighting for our neighbors on the frontlines of the COVID crisis:

1. Activated Massachusetts African Communities (AMAC)

2. ARISE for Social Justice

3. La Comunidad
4. Egleston Square Main Street

5. Jericho Boston

6. Merrimack Valley Project

7. South Asian Worker Center

We continue to reach out to our partners to identify aligned groups that are working to meet urgent needs in historically marginalized communities across the state.  To suggest groups aligned with our funding criteria, please write to MRF coordinators Libbie ( and Alex ( For more information about our 27 recipient groups, visit our Recipients page. 

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

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