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friends, family and colleagues to join in the effort.

Sample Tweets

I pledge to #ShareMyCheck & join the growing movement of people putting community health over individual wealth. #MassRedistribution

Best crisis response? Long-term community-based solutions so that we don't repeat the mistakes that got us here. #MassRedistribution

Looking for a one-stop option to support urgent community relief efforts across MA? Join me & donate to the #MassRedistribution Fund 

Support MA residents facing disproportionate impacts from this crisis by donating to grassroots-led relief efforts today #MassRedistribution

One thing this crisis has made clear: protecting our historically marginalized neighbors makes everyone stronger. #MassRedistribution

Sample Facebook Posts

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Check out this beautiful organizing effort currently underway in Massachusetts.


Donations to the Mass Redistribution Fund go directly to community organizations that are working around the clock to meet the most urgent needs of our neighbors in crisis, from low-income renters facing eviction to undocumented workers and people in prison. 

Consider donating to the #MassRedistribution Fund today.

Best crisis response? Long-term community-based solutions so that we don't repeat the mistakes that got us here.

Check out the Mass Redistribution Fund, a one-stop option to support and amplify grassroots relief efforts across Massachusetts that center community resilience for the long haul.  Consider pledging your government stimulus check or donating today to help build the sustainable people’s economy we need. 

#MassRedistribution #ShareMyCheck

Expecting a federal stimulus check but don't really need it? 

Join me and support this incredible group of urgent relief efforts in communities across Massachusetts that are working to stabilize families, workers, elders, prisoners and immigrants AND to amplify the long-term changes we need for community resilience next time a crisis hits.


#MassRedistribution #ShareMyCheck

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