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Resources for MRF Recipient Groups
MRF Final Learning Exchange Group Photo.
Capacity-Building Opportunities
for MRF Grantees in 2021

NEW!!!  Our collaborator the Language Justice Cooperative is offering an Advanced Training Series for Community-Based Interpreters!  Sign Up Here for the April

2-part workshop, or to express interest in

future sessions.

CED LJ Workshop Flyer.png

Creating Community Lawyering Partnerships


Greater Boston Legal Services

Popular Education Training for Teaching About the Economy


United for A Fair Economy

Intro to 


Economy Workshop


Center for Economic Democracy

Political Education

on Organizing Workshop Series


Community Labor United/ MA Covid Response Alliance

Learning Circles

on Sustainer 


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Movement Fundraising Project

Toolkits, Guides, Videos and more
Supporting Grassroots Mutual Aid Organizing
and Disaster Relief Efforts
Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Popular/Political Education & Cultural/Arts Organizing

United for A Fair Economy's (UFE) popular education materials (training guides, charts and infographics about the economy and history of inequality)


"Relatos de La Pandemia" short videos by Papel Machete (Spanish) 


Cultural Organizing and Building Mutual Aid Centers in Puerto Rico  (76 min. webcast/YouTube video)

Dey Hernandez & Greg Jobin-Leeds interview Jorge Díaz + Sugeily Rodríguez of AgitArte/Papel Machete/ Casa Taller

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